At Kookabookra Cemetery

I’ve been doing a bit of local history research lately – researching both the local area, and local families. One forgotten cemetery I came across was Kookabookra Cemetery. Kookabookra, along with neighbouring Bear Hill, were once looked upon as rich gold-bearing locations. The gold rush was short-lived though (aren’t they all).

Small communities thrived in those areas for a time and part of the community was the cemetery. I located Kookabookra’s cemetery and went for a visit. It was a short drive across a paddock that looks to have been ploughed in the not too distant past (presumably ploughing over unmarked graves).

The only visible sign that this was once a cemetery is the lone grave marker of Ellen Meehan.

Grave marker for Ellen Meehan at Kookabookra Cemetery.

Every 3m x 3m square on the planet …

I’ve re-discovered the scheme that identifies every 3m x 3m square location on the planet by 3 memorable words. So, for example, “blunt.going.transit” will identify a 3m x 3m location on the Pitt Street Mall in Sydney. The company “What 3 Words Ltd.” wants to offer “a global standard for communicating location”.

An example from their web site:


The challenge as I see it, though, is in getting individuals to become aware of their home address, for example, as just three words. Emergency services may be keen to see this simple scheme being used to be able to more quickly travel to locations where they’re required, but until people become aware the what3words exists it’s not going to move ahead quickly.

See their web site for more: