Misty morning’s web

What a beautiful morning! The mist was beginning to rise and left behind drips on the fencewire, and droplets on a spider’s web.

February 11, 2023 photography

Waters, Ann - her children at her funeral

Ann Dawson (1857-1940) married Robert Waters (1855-1932)

Child Born Died Spouse Born Died
Mary Waters 1880 1954 Alfred Charles Nettle 1877 1954
Julia Waters 1882 1973 Albert Gustave Scheef 1876 1953
Ann Waters 1884 1955 James Frederick Nelson 1884 1970
Sophia Waters1 1887 1959? James Rogers 1884 1960
Martha Waters 1889 1961 Edward Ernest Elliott 1884 1950
Edith Waters 1892 1971 Alexander (Alec) Henderson 1888 1986?
Ernest Edward Waters 1894 1965 Miriam Florence Sewell 1892 1979
Robert Arthur Waters 1894 1971 Rachel Ann Sewell 1894 1952
Cecilia Jane Waters 1898 1992 Jethro Joseph Sewell 1896 1964

Pre-deceased by daughter Margaret Waters (1879-1905)

  1. Clarence Victor Waters (1904-2002) was mentioned as a son of Ann but he was actually son of Sophia (born out of wedlock”?)↩︎

July 17, 2021 local history

Recipe for stewed rhubarb

I quite like some stewed rhubarb on occasion instead of fruit atop my porridge in the morning. Here’s my recipe for stewing rhubarb.


  • 500g rhubarb
  • 40g brown sugar (8% of weight of rhubarb - use more sugar if you prefer less tartness)
  • 20g butter (4% of weight of rhubarb)


  1. Wash then slice rhubarb
  2. Turn cooktop to low heat
  3. Melt butter in non-stick pan
  4. Add sliced rhubarb and sugar
  5. Stir frequently

It takes 10 to 15 minutes to stew” depending on how thick you like it. Remove from pan when it’s to your liking.

Store in container in fridge.

I usually spoon about 75g on top of my cooked porridge (along with 60g of natural yoghurt, and a sliced banana).

Sliced rhubarb

Pan with melted butter, and sugar

Add sliced rhubarb and stir to mix

Stirring now and again

… and it now looks like stewed rhubarb

November 23, 2020 recipes