The chives have been flowering for about a week now. I eventually remembered to record that fact. Then there was the luchtime band that I missed, just.

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Chives flowering The chives began to flower last week; I eventually remember this morning to record their flowering. The hollow stalks look bright green thanks to their being backlit by the low sun.

Band plays at lunchtime There was a band playing in one of the courtyards at lunchtime today - but as usually happens, I didn’t get away from the office until a few minutes before they were due to finish. The audience had already begun to drift away to get to their afternoon lectures.

No more customers for lunch With the courtyard becoming empty, the food services person had little to do.

Anonymous on the wall An anonymous spectator waits until the last notes have been played.

Pillars down the line Pillars, lines and perspective.

October 11, 2004 podcast

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