Today was the day for the weekend wander around the property looking for wildflowers that have flowered during the previous week(s).

Flower of Dipodium orchid The terrestrial orchids Dipodium punctatum are now beginning to flower. This one is well advanced, others won’t flower for some weeks yet.

Cluster of flowers of Dipodium orchid Pulling back from the flower above, we see a cluster of orchid flowers.

Unknown flower detail I had thought that this plant was a member of the Mat-rush family Lomandra. Now it’s in flower is seems quite different, so I’m not so sure.

Unknown flower in situ Pulling back to see the plant in its entirety we see this image.

Member of the Goodenia Another member of the Goodenia family. This one is a paler yellow compared to the other family members that I’ve posted here before.

Daisy I can’t recall from memory if I’ve posted an image of this daisy before. It’s not very common on the property. It’s possibly a Senecio linearifolius, the Fireweed groundsel.

December 18, 2004 flora

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