I spent a couple of hours wandering around the property looking for new, unphotographed wildflowers and orchids. I found tens of Diuris maculata and Diuris abbreviata, but, alas, nothing special for today’s photoblog.

An audioBlog accompanies these photographs [3.3 Mbytes, 7 min 54 sec duration]. The audio commentary is also distributed as a podcast. You need to subscribe to my RSS2 feed towards the bottom of the right hand column on this page and you need to use aggregator software capable of utilising this.

Diuris maculata I didn’t think that we had more than the one type of Diuris orchid, but on reviewing the photographs and some books, I think this is a Leopard Orchid” (Diuris maculata) …

Diuris abbreviata … and that this is a Lemon Doubletail” (Diuris abbreviata). But to be certain, I need to go back and find this specimen and take a closer look.

Pea flower A pea (Fabaceae) in flower. I’m not even going to try and identify this one with the few resources I have. There are well over a 1000 different species of pea in Australia.

Dipodium erupting Amazingly, I spotted this Hyacinth Orchid (Dipodium punctatum) just beginning to erupt from the ground (the purple object at the centre of the photograph). The clue was the remains of last year’s flower stalk just behind it.

October 24, 2004 flora podcast

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