I'm Gordon Smith and I live on a 40 hectare (100 acre) rural property in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia - about 20 km (12 miles) east of Armidale, NSW.

This blog is my eleventy-second attempt at maintaining a place to document and write about those things I discover, my thoughts on various (usually tech-related) matters, local flora and fauna, and history (local and family).

I'm a Scot in Australia, a photographer, bushwalker (hiker), history enthusiast, and a Land for Wildlife member. I have an eclectic taste in music, and I'm a retired IT manager from the University of New England. I'm licenced as a radio amateur with callsign VK2UB.

My life in IT (not that it was called that back then), started with me writing software in FORTRAN IV, Algol-68, COBOL, and Basic. Then Pascal and Perl. And now Python.

17 years ago I started my photoblog "lookANDsee". It's largely abondoned these days, though I really should import my photographs from Twitter to the photoblog for completeness sake.