Will Simpson made an interesting comment regarding yesterday’s image Faces in the Crowd”. Will suggested that this image might be processed in such a way that suggested that it could have been taken in the 1900’s. Will followed up with this example of how the image might turn out.

Will Simpson’s treatment of my posted image Will’s image as an example of the sort of treatment he was suggesting.

I hadn’t thought of this viewpoint. I remarked to Will that in this part of the world things look brown for 9 months of the year (thanks to an excess of heat and a lack of rain). Anything with a splash of lush-like green is the exception to the rule and therefore enough to warrant attention.

I was interested enough to follow through with Will’s suggestion, so here, below, is my first attempt to produce such a 1900’s”-like image. I deliberately didn’t review Will’s image, having last looked at it 14 hours previously, before I made my attempt such that I might minimise any subconcious, verbatim copying of his own image :-)

It may even be a 1880’s” image :-) I’ve increased the grain, roughened it up a tad, but it could, perhaps, stand to lose some sharpness around the edges.

Thanks Will for this opportunity to develop an idea collaboratively via photoblog and email.

December 9, 2004

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