I stop off on the way home to pick up some fuel. Storm cells are all around me but I don’t pass too close to any.

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Milk stop There’s more than one type of fuel on sale here …

Milk bottles … this is what I’m looking for.

Toy animals awaiting a home These toy animals wait patiently for somebody to offer them a home.

Flood debris hanging above the water It’s much easier to notice in 3 dimensions but these clumps of grass are hanging above the creek from fencewire. A recent flash flood has left the grass high and dry. The water level must have been pretty impressive for a short time. The topmost clump would be about 2m / 6ft above the current water level.

Light in the storm clouds Interesting light plays in interesting clouds as the storm moves around.

A highlighted hill A hole in the clouds highlights this hilltop. It stands out as a beacon amidst the darkness.

December 6, 2004 podcast

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