A Saturday routine - in town at lunchtime, then a drive though the countryside to get home.

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Pavers in laneway Straight lines (the walls) and ragged lines (the pavers and safety fence). The contrast caught my eye in a quirky moment.

Tatts Hotel Tattersalls Hotels (aka Tatts”) framed by the new shade sails” in the pedestrian mall.

Dunny in paddock Back in the countryside now, and a dunny (outdoor toilet) in the middle of the paddock. The old shearing shed is out of sight to the right.

Lizard on road This lizard stayed very still for me - no doubt assuming that if it didn’t move then I wouldn’t see it.

Lizard close-up A close-up of the lizard. Its eye keeps track of me.

The goats are back It’s that time - the feral goats are back on their journey through the area. Here they are in a neighbour’s paddock.

December 4, 2004 podcast

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