The previous 10 days’ photographs

Being the end of the calendar, academic and financial year at work, things got a little hectic in tidying projects up before I started 3 weeks leave. There wasn’t much time for photography or audioblogging!

Here I give an audio commentary [4.9 Mbytes, 9 min 14 sec duration] to accompany the photographs of the previous 10 days. Note:

  • The audio commentary is also distributed as a podcast.
  • The download a podcast you need to use appropriate aggregator software that knows what to do with enclosures and subscribe to my RSS2 feed
  • The photographs are also included within the .mp3 file. View them via Apple’s iTunes artwork function on a PC or Mac, for example.

This audio post attempts to tie up those photographic loose ends before the end of the year. Next year will bring a new telephoto zoom lens and with it, I hope, a fresh eye on old and new subject material.

December 27, 2004 podcast

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