Rosy Hyacinth Orchid

The solitary specimen of Dipodium pulchellum (until proven otherwise), the Rosy Hyacinth Orchid, has at long last flowered. The flowering has helped to identify it - it’s not, as best I can determine, a Dipodium variegatum. The latter’s flowers are more self-coloured rather than spotted or mottled.

Here are three views of the orchid. The light was fading and the wind was rising (a thunderstorm was approaching). The images are not as sharp as I would like but better to have some images than none (due to the risk of storm damage - last night’s storm had wind gusts up to 75 km/hr).

Dipodium pulchellum Centre of the flower section.

Dipodium pulchellum View of the top.

Dipodium pulchellum A view of the top half of the orchid.

December 25, 2004 flora

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