At last, the terrestrial Hyacinth Orchids are beginning to flower.

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Dipodium flowering The Dipodium have been growing slowly over the past several weeks. Now the flowers are beginning to emerge (those that haven’t been nipped off by rabbits or hares).

Single petalled Hybanthus There are many more Lady’s Slipper” violets, the Hybanthus monopetalus, than in previous years. Whether this is due to climatic conditions, or just less predators (cattle or whatever), I know not.

Dipodium flowering 2 Now that this green-stalked hyacinth orchid is beginning to flower, it might be easier to identify. I now think it may be Dipodium pulchellum rather than the Dipodium variegatum which I had previously identified it as.

Funghi on dead tree branch Funghi growing on a dead tree branch that’s lying on the ground. Not difficult to miss given the bright orange colour.

December 12, 2004 flora podcast

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