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The arboretum - place of trees The arboretum is set on a hill on the south side of town. After the recent rain, everything’s looking pretty green.

Pond and reeds A pond, reeds and trees. The trees on the left are being blown about by the gusty wind.

Hill and grass trees A view up one of the hills. The grass trees (or spikes) add to the Australian flavour - and of course, the gum trees in the background.

Pond; small fish; goldfish Small fish swim amidst the reeds. And larger fish - here a goldfish.

Waterfalls set into hill The artificial waterfalls run on command - I pressed the button and a few minutes later the falls we see here started to run. I quite like the effect. Now if only I could do the same at home.

Pond overlooking town We get a sense of the slope that the arboretum sits on by virtue of the fact that the ground drops away below this pond.

November 4, 2004 podcast

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