Summer, and heat

With today being 35 C (95 F) and tomorrow being the first day of another season (depending on how you count these things), my thoughts turned to the coming months of summer and heat.

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Not everybody’s finished up for summer The UNE campus looks pretty deserted already - but, lo, I spotted somebody heading for the Library.

Empty noticeboards Definite signs of no-life. The noticeboards have been picked clean.

Summer thoughts - picture of surfer So thoughts turn to summer and heat. How do I illustrate that during my lunchtime stroll? Ah, the advert with a surfer will do.

Summer flowering 1 My minds eye wanted a summer flower in the foreground with other flowers gradually becoming out-of-focus towards the rear. Unfortunately I miscalculated and everything goes out-of-focus too quickly.

Summer flowering 2 Ditto for this image. Learn from this error.

Over-used, over-hyped photograph - the sunset Still with summer and heat in mind, this sunset (albeit overly-cliche’ed) burns with the day’s thermal outpourings.

November 30, 2004 podcast

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