Today’s lunchtime trip was to the rose gardens at the Old Teacher’s College. If you can imagine a rose colour - they have it. Lots of older-style roses with large heads and strong perfume. You would never know that I don’t like roses!

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A rose What can I say? A rose.

A rose I managed to capture the individual petals while not over-saturating the image with red.

A rose White! The enemy of detail. It’s so easy to lose detail because of the intensity of the white.. This one is, perhaps, just a tad overexposed.

A rose I would have to confess that I like the colour of this rose; but don’t tell anyone lest they think I now like roses!

Landscape Not long before sunset - a view to the south as I drive home.

Green rolling hills The recent rains have transformed the parched, crunchy, brown grass into a soft, lush, green covering. The late light helps to soften the terrain.

November 10, 2004 podcast

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