Today’s lunchtime walk started with a tree in blossom, and ended back at the same tree.

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Tree of blossom This tree and blossom is almost overpowering in the magnitude of its bloom. A wall of colour. Our eyes find it difficult to find some thing, some point, to focus on.

Paving and lawn An interesting mix of lines, lawn, and shadow; of colour, green, grey and black; of texture, concrete and blades of grass.

Bridge across Three dimensions; bridge over height, windows into space, walkways into passages.

Flags A strong wind keeps the flags visible for all to read.

Fountain Water trickles rather than gushes from the fountain, reflecting the drought and the need to conserve the vital liquid.

Blossom - detail The walk finishes by passing the tree in bloom once again. This time here’s some detail of the blossom.

October 8, 2004 podcast

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