I’ve never been happy with the quality of the clouds that I’ve photographed in the past. I took the opportunity of storm clouds over town at lunchtime (and one cloud shot this evening) to practice. Most shots were under-exposed 1 to 2 stops to prevent the bright white parts of the clouds from burning out the cloud detail.

An audioBlog accompanies these photographs [3.4 Mbytes, 8 min 14 sec duration]. The audio commentary is also distributed as a podcast. You need to subscribe to my RSS2 feed towards the bottom of the right hand column on this page and you need to use aggregator software capable of utilising this.

Clouds over rural landscape A storm front approaches the town.

Clouds over trees Dark and ominous …

Clouds over trees 2 … yet white and fluffy.

Clouds over church and trees The cloud’s underbelly hints of rain…

Clouds over buildings … yet remains bright and light above.

Clouds at night; street lights This scene was taken in the fading natural light, and lit by sodium light. The storm has passed. [1/4 sec, F4.5, ISO 1600]

October 22, 2004 podcast

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