And still it rains. After only a little rain yesterday I was surprised to find that the creek in town had risen to the point that is was overflowing some cross roads, and that those roads had been closed to traffic. I can only assume, then, that it had taken a day for the flood surge to come downstream.

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Magpie on power pole A magpie gets a better view of life from atop the power pole.

Creek level goes down The road signs advising that this road was closed due to flooding were still in place. I assume, then, that the creek level had only recently subsided.

BEFORE: creeklands with little water flowing BEFORE: a month ago these rocks were completely exposed.

Creeklands: with water flowing in creek AFTER: today the water was rushing over the rocks, and I was unable to stand in the same spot as above to take a comparison photograph.

BEFORE: creek the previous day BEFORE: This photograph from yesterday shows the creek up, but not as much as today.

Creek with water level higher than previous day AFTER: the creek has risen a couple of feet from yesterday.

October 21, 2004 podcast

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