Two creatures that fly; and some amazing sky.

An audioBlog accompanies these photographs [3.4 Mbytes, 9 min 35 sec duration]. The audio commentary is also distributed as a podcast. You need to subscribe to my RSS2 feed towards the bottom of the right hand column on this page and you need to use aggregator software capable of utilising this.

Ichneumon wasp An ichneumon wasp hangs underneath a pineapple sage leaf on the kitchen window. It’s a parasitic wasp which lays its eggs inside caterpillars. The sharp poiny thing in its rear end is an ovipositor, not a sting.

Magpie A magpie. It kept its beady eye on me and hopped from branch to branch as I moved around under the plane tree. The light under the canopy was green, filtering through the thin new leaves.

Dark cloudy sky 1 Rain falls (at the top of the picture), but not near me.

Dark cloudy sky 2 Interesting clouds and colour (especially at the horizon).

Sky on fire 1 Holy red-sky-at-night, Batman!

Sky on fire 2 The setting sun fills the sky with colour. A rain storm fills the upper right of the photograph. But no rain fell close to where I was standing though.

[No saturation adjustment was made to either of these sunset shots, what you see is what I saw].

October 15, 2004 podcast

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