I can’t quite say that we had a rainy today, so I’ll settle for moisture. We had some moisture appear from the sky today.

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Technicolour oil It looks like somebody lost some oil when their vehicle sat in the car park. There’s a small leaf that looks like it’s about to be consumed by the mini-slick.

Rain on the windscreen A view of some cars in the car park - not that you could easily work out what you’re looking at through the rain on the windscreen.

Empty garage Down a driveway, an empty garage sits looking like it’s an entrance to a deep, dark mountain lair.

Garden gate An overgrown, perhaps now unused, gate leads into this garden. Where will the path lead?

Afterwards; rainbow The trees are bathed in sunshine, the clouds look ominous, and the rainbow sits between the two.

October 1, 2004 podcast

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