Hannah at rest at KilcoyHannah at rest at Kilcoy

I went to visit the small Kilcoy Cemetery this afternoon. Kilcoy is one of those communities that exists as a locale rather than as a village or township. To me the cemetery is rather special. It exists in the middle of nowhere. The Kilcoy Road off which the cemetery sits is not a thoroughfare (it may have once been). This gives the place a certain peacefulness (well, that is if you can ignore the barking dogs at the only property within sight).

The cemetery illustrates that many, if not most, of the early white settlers in the Kilcoy area came from Scotland. The names on the headstones (from memory) are McRae, McLennan, McLean, McClenaghan, McDonald, McPherson, Mackay, Cameron, Davidson, Finlayson, Hamilton, Fraser, Stewart and Coventry.

Several, with different surnames so presumably not the from the same family, were born in Ross-Shire, Scotland. I wonder if they knew each other before coming here?

July 3, 2004

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