Photo Friday: LandScrapePhoto Friday: LandScrape

It seemed a bit strange to have a theme about scraping land, but the Photo Friday mob are sometimes a bit strange. Now, I could understand if they wanted landscaping rather than scraping - that seems more natural for photographers.

Visitor: No, no! It is a landscape you’re supposed to be entering!

Me: Actually, it’s a landscrape that they asked for. The web page says so.

Visitor: Idiot! There are hundreds of entries that are following the landscape theme, not a landscrape! You’re the only one that’s photographed landscraping!

Me: Really! You mean that hundreds of people have all got it wrong, and that I’m the only one with a correct entry?

Visitor: Arghhhh!

[An entry to the Photo Friday: LandScrape challenge].

P.S. :-)

June 5, 2004

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